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Membrane Switches

PRINTEC offers all of the latest technology options and advantages to make your transition to Membrane Switches a simple, easy and successful experience. Our high-quality and signature membrane switches are produced as a custom designed product adhering strictly to our customers’ requirements and specifications.

PRINTEC follows ISO (International Organization for Standardization), as well as TS (Technical Specification) systems, to focus on quality, service, and delivery. Quick turn, short lead times and inventory options are available. In today’s highly competitive marketplace you need a company with globally competitive pricing for your membrane switch designs, which makes partnering with PRINTEC a necessity.

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Quick-Turn Capabilities

  • Water-Proof Constructions (IP67)
  • Through-Hole Technology (Double Sided/ Polyester Flex Circuits)
  • Digital Capabilities

Embedded Backlighting

  • Ultra-Thin Light Pipe
  • LED
  • Fiber Optics
  • EL

Receive Top Quality Membrane Switches Only from PRINTEC!

Are you still trying to register in your mind what is membrane switches? Or; are you wondering where to look for the best ones?
As you already know, membrane switches are used in a variety of electronic devices like televisions, laptops, microwaves, air conditioners, etc. However, with the rising need for electrical circuits, it’s impertinent that you choose a reputed company and PRINTEC can be your ultimate solution!
They offer the latest technologies and have experts to guide you through whatever query you have. For example- you can ask questions about their membrane switches; or, how fast is their delivery, etc.

Before moving ahead, what is a “Membrane Switch”?

Membrane switches are printed electronic circuits which are used to turn circuits on and off. Further, these circuits use conductive inks made of silver, granite, and copper. They are a part of various electrical devises and appliances and have double based touch-screens, push-buttons, toggle-rocker etc. The basic purpose of using membrane switches is to create a stable interface between man and machine.

What are the steps to make membrane switches?

Now that you know what membrane switches are, here are how they are made!

  1. The top layer of these switches uses a graphic overlay and consists of a printed circuit underneath.
  2. The thin layers are connected with each other through pressure sensitive adhesives.
  3. The circuit also uses various layers including polyamide, polyester as well as rigid PCB layers.

The switch gets activated the moment a printed shorting pad comes in contact with circuit layer at the bottom, thereby, closing the circuit.
[Note: Membrane switches, unlike mechanical switches, take up less space for design, come in lower cost, are sleeker and easy to clean.]

What Types of Membrane Switches Do PRINTEC Offer?

Both the type of Membrane Switches are available-

  1. Tactile membrane switch
  2. Non-Tactile switch

The company provides a wide array of membrane switches for application in both commercial industries and residential houses. They also serve the aerospace industries and medical institutions on a regular basis.

What Are Their Popular Designs?

They produce a wide array of hi-tech switches like –

  • Graphic overlays to resemble a wider surface, including glass, metal wood, etc.
  • Occasional texturing and hard coating
  • Embossing
  • Transparent windows
  • Dead front graphics
  • Complete panel assembling
  • Polarized readout windows
  • ESD/RFI shielding

Why Choose PRINTEC for Buying Membrane Switches?

As a patron, you would naturally prefer products which are easy to handle. That is exactly why choosing PRINTEC’s solution will prove advantageous to you. Let’s see other reasons:

  1. Providing advanced high-tech options that prove advantageous while transitioning a membrane switch.
  2. They follow the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and TS) Technical Specification) in producing high-quality designs.

Furthermore, they use the latest tech options and imply those steps to make membrane switches. Hence, as a company, they are in sync with the competitive market of electrical devices.

Now, that you’ve got a clearer concept of what is membrane switches, etc., why wait for more?

Contact PRINTEC today for a convenient solution to choosing the best quality for membrane switches, customized to meet your application’s requirements.


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