Printec takes full advantage of the latest technology used to verify product quality. We will custom design and manufacture membrane switch assemblies in high or low quantities as an individual component part or in combination with metal sub-panels, enclosures, cables, electronics, printed circuit boards, Electro Luminescent lamps or bezels.

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::Quality Control Manual::

The purpose of this manual is to describe the general functions of the Quality Control Department. The QC dept. has to take the quality responsibility for purchased/consigned materials and finished goods. This includes products working in process to ensure their quality & reliability. Thereby, the incoming quality material, in-process quality auditing, and outgoing quality control will be the major functions of the QC Dept. System inspection standards will be issued separately to accomplish the quality control/assurance with necessary records or reports pending on the customer’s quality requirements. This manual is subject to be reviewed as required, by the manager of the QC Dept. or his designated representative.

2-1 Purpose: Sampling Plan
The purpose of the Quality Control Department is to ensure quality product, consistent reliability with customer’s requirements, and to maintain the high-level of performance to these functions.
2-2 Responsibility
The Quality Control Department consists of 3 groups:
(1) Material incoming quality control
(2) In-process quality control
(3) Quality Assurance.The responsibilities of each group is defined by:
2-2-1 Material Incoming Quality Control
(1) To perform new material evaluation and qualification.
(2) To perform incoming inspection of all direct and indirect materials.
2-2-2 In-process Quality Control
When the material is put into the production line, the inspector of this group has to check/audit the quality to ensure right equipment conditions, proper operation, and product quality. Each major station inspects, with inspection standards, for material preparation, material thickness, shearing stabilizing, punching printing, etc.
2-2-3 Quality Assurance
(1) To ensure compliance of finished product with customer’s quality requirements.
(2) To perform outgoing inspections before releasing for shipment.
(3) To be responsible for acceptance planning (sampling place), data collection, analysis & reporting, corrective action and associated process control programs to ensure optimum control of quality through the whole production lines.
(4) To review and analyze all quality related compliance and returns from customers. Responsibilities including determining failure mechanism, cause for failure, corrective action, recommendation and corrective action follow-up.
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3-1 General
(1) In order to ensure incoming materials and parts are above the minimum acceptable quality level (AQL), all production material purchased or consigned for production will be subjected to inspection and/or tested by incoming quality control (IQC). In addition, inspections and tests will be performed according to engineering drawings and specifications.
(2) MRB (Material Review Board) is the committee to decide the disposition of the discrepant material(s) found by IQC.
(3) A material waiver should be granted by either the head of MRB or the individuals who are authorized to waive the lot of material. All concerned individual(s) should adhere to the waiver procedure.
3-2 Sampling plan
(2) Acceptable quality level: Critical Defect: 0.4 %; Major Defect: 0.65 %; Minor Defect: 1.0 %
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4-1 General:
(1) Purpose:
To prevent or detect early defects, by ensuring that the working standards laid down by the engineering and quality dept are religiously followed. In turn, this allows immediate corrections to be made.
(2) Scope. All on-line gate inspection, and in-process audit check belong to in-process quality control.
(3) A timely quality response is the key point of in-process control. It can keep production flowing with normal condition and minimum loss.
4-2 Sampling Plan:
(1) Lot: 2 hours of production time will equal to 1 lot; flexible upon request.
4-3 Work environment control:
Printec has controlled environments to meet clean room and ESD standards.
(CLEAN ROOM: 100,000 CLASS; 10,000 CLASS; 1000 CLASS)
CLEAN ROOM ESD ROOM Package Inspection
5-1 General
Although the function of IQC, IPQC and production are to ensure the quality level of our products, it is crucial for quality assurance to perform outgoing acceptance inspection to finished products prior to shipment. This is an essential QA function in order to control outgoing products at an acceptable quality level.
5-2 Sampling Plan
(2) Acceptable quality level:
Critical Defect: 0.4%
Major defect: 0.65%
Minor defect: 1.0%
5-3 Shipment Control
Quality Assurance issues “Shipment Release Notice” to production control to release the shipment based on the QA inspection result. QA personnel audits outgoing shipment by checking lot number quantities in accordance with QA inspection report.

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