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Membrane Switches

Printec offers all of the latest technical options and advantages to make your transition of Membrane Switches a simple, easy and a successful experience. Our high-quality and signature membrane switches are produced as a custom designed product adhering strictly to our customers’ requirements and specifications.

Printec follows ISO (International Organization for Standardization), as well as TS (Technical Specification) systems, to focus on quality, service and delivery. Quick turn, short lead times and inventory options are available. In today’s highly competitive marketplace you need a company with globally competitive pricing for your membrane switch designs, which makes partnering with Printec a necessity. Learn more about our Membrane Switches & Graphic Overlays

  • Quick-Turn Capabilities

  • Water-Proof Constructions (IP67)

  • Through-Hole Technology ( Double Sided/ Polyester Flex Circuits)

  • Digital Capabilites

  • Embedded Backlighting

    • Ultra Thin Light Pipe
    • LED

      LED Backlighting

      LED is the ideal display for portable applications. Your products will look better at any angle (indoor or outdoor) and will have greater battery life due to low power consumption requirements. In addition, its self-emissive nature also offers faster response time. This will also be ideal for critical applications such as gaming, video streaming and animation.

    • Fiber Optics

      Fiber Optics

       Fiber Optic backlighting is available in custom shapes, sizes and configurations, allowing designers to have the flexibility to design or use the technology to solve unique problems. The actual source of light is usually originated through an LED, which is also uniformly distributed through very slim plastic fibers underneath the graphic overlay. Fiber Optic backlighting is not affected by extremes in humidity (0% to 100%) and temperature (-40 to +85 deg C), and its applications can be seen in Appliances, the Automotive/Aviation industry, Medical Device technology, Industrial Control technology and Retail and Entertainment.

    • EL

      EL (Electroluminescent Lamps)

      Electroluminescent (EL) is a thin and flexible layer capable of lighting uniformly and is an aesthetically appealing backlighting method. It can be designed to light a wide area, or discrete locations. EL can be designed to have multiple colors and is a layer in the switch.

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