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  1. Medical

  2. Industrial

  3. Cosmetics

  4. Telecommunications

  5. Fitness

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  • ISO-9001-2008
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  • iso-ts-16949
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Printec has the ability to design and manufacturer IMD/IML, as well as Injection Molding of plastics.  IMD/IML technology is attractive for projects involving component/cost reduction, and for products such as control panels, displays, bezels, covers and housings.  Our injection molding capabilities can be as a component or used in a sub-assembly to reduce the customer’s vendor base and costs.


  • Robust

  • 3D Decorating Capability

  • Gradient & 4 Color Printing

Injection Molding

  • Large Format

  • Secondary Processes

  •    • Ultra Sonic Welding

  •    • Printing

  •    • Plating 

  •    • Etc

  • Multiple Materials

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